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Hey, I'm Lauren Kruswicki! I'm a wife and mother of a three year old, a new born, and two fur babies! I absolutely love the outdoors - traveling, hiking, camping, kayaking, you name it. I've always loved photography and film-making. Growing up you could find me running around with a camera either taking pictures or making short films with my friends. Business is another passion of mine. I've had the dream of owning my own business for as long as I can remember. I graduated Illinois Valley Community College with an Associates Degree in Marketing in 2017 and an Associates Degree in Business Administration in 2019.


photo booths

I've always found photo booths so much fun. In most pictures, people just smile and try to look their best. And don't get me wrong - those photos are great! But there's something about the photo booth that really captures the personality of the user. There's no pressure. You are encouraged to goof-off and be yourself taking silly, and sometimes ridiculous pictures with your friends. When my husband and I were dating, on one of our first dates we took pictures in a photo booth. And that just became our thing. Every single year since we make a point to take pictures together in a photo booth. It's so funny as we look back and see how much we have changed through the years - from our first awkward photo booth photos to now, 9 years later in the year 2022, taking photos in my very own photo booth with our daughter. I can't wait to carry on this tradition with our family.


I really fell in love with the photo booth business idea at my own wedding. Everyone had a blast and it sparked an idea that I could put my own creative twist on a photo booth business of my own. It has been such a crazy and wonderful journey turning my passion into a career. That's why I strive to put everything I have into creating the highest quality photo booth service I can. I highly recommend booking a photo booth for your wedding. Not just because I have a photo booth business, but because it's an awesome way to entertain your guests and it will create so many fun memories for you and your guests.


wedding videography

As I already said before, photography and videography have always been a part of who I am. My friends and I made so many short films when we were kids. And while they may not have been the highest of quality, I enjoyed every minute of it and the passion never faded away. Years later I decided to pick up a camera again and start making wedding films. I love the entire creative process of putting the film together; from capturing moments on camera to choosing the perfect song to tie it all together.


If there's one thing I regret about my wedding, it's not hiring a videographer to film it. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. Professional photos from your wedding day are worth every penny, but they don't capture the moment quite like a wedding film does. These moments are invaluable. You've spent countless hours planning and preparing for the perfect day. Invest in a wedding film that you will be able to show your children and watch together years down the road.



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